Plumber service in Schaumburg

For all of your plumbing needs, leave it to an expert handyman plumber in Schaumburg at Garland Properties Inc. Our reliable plumbers are highly experienced and ready to quickly handle plumbing repair, installations, or maintenance. Do not hesitate to call us for the smallest or largest of jobs. Emergency services are available if time is of the essence. Ensure safe and timely plumbing repairs, installation, and maintenance for anything from your shower to the plumbing in the kitchen by calling our handyman plumber service. We provide quality work that keeps your plumbing running at its best, for longer.

Our handyman plumber service in Schaumburg includes:

  • Leaking toilets and leaking faucets

  • Installing toilets, flanges and wax rings

  • Supply line installation or replacement

  • Adding new valves in showers

  • Installing and repairing shower heads and steam showers

  • Installing washing machine hookups

  • Toilet installation or replacement

  • Vanity installation or replacement

  • Faucet installation or replacement

  • Garbage disposal installation & replacement

  • And More

Garbage Disposal Installation Schaumburg Handyman Services

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, it is important to consider where you want your kitchen equipment located in the overall design. One of the things you need to do is a garbage disposal installation. But don’t worry – our handyman in Schaumburg will deliver a quick, safe, and efficient service, ensuring that your garbage disposal installation is done to the highest industry standards. With our experts on hand, you can leave it to us to take care of things professionally and effectively. We have the necessary tools and experience, so there is nothing easier for us than the assembly of hydraulic appliances.

Garbage Disposal Replacement Schaumburg Handyman Services

In most households, kitchen equipment is used on a daily basis, more than most other equipment around the home, something that is especially true of garbage disposal. With this consistent usage, it is not surprising that, from time to time, a garbage disposal replacement becomes inevitable and important. At Garland Handyman Properties, we do garbage disposal replacement quickly and efficiently, keeping your kitchen running smoothly. We use the finest tools available and the most trusted methods, making our garbage disposal replacement service first class.

Indications that you may need a
Faucet replacement or faucet repair:

  • If your faucet is in the off position but water still leaks out as if it were slightly turned on, you have found one of the most common signs that a faucet repair is needed. Damaged seals, o-rings or defective cartridge/stem may be the issue, which could lead to an entire faucet replacement.
  • The temperature just isn’t right, too hot or too cold. If you find it difficult to dial in the perfect temperature, you may have a sign that the hot and cold water are not mixing properly. More likely than not, the issue is the cartridge/stem of the faucet. Older faucets are more often the problem, and if this persists then a new faucet replacement is the only option.
  • Corrosion of your faucet is one sure indication that the faucet cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced. Small pin-holes along the faucet stem, or degradation around the base are clear signs that a faucet replacement is necessary.  Serious damage to the surrounding counter and cabinets may occur if the corrosion continues and the faucet is not replaced.

Garland Properties Inc. can be trusted to fix your leaky faucet issue with years of experience of handyman services, including faucet installation and faucet replacement. If you require any sort of faucet repair services or are looking for the number one handyman Schaumburg residents rely on, get a hold of Garland Properties Inc. as soon as possible.

Leaky toilet problem?
Toilet Installation & Toilet Replacement Service

Our Garland Properties Inc. expert handyman crew is prepared to offer you a varied range of plumbing and handyman services which includes leaky toilet repair, toilet replacement, and toilet installation. Our maintenance jobs and services are available throughout Chicago’s Northwest suburbs. Our services are for both commercial property owners and homeowners. Our crew brings reliability, punctuality and experience to the table. Contact us if you seek expert toilet installation services.

Toilet installation

Through the discussion of budget and preferences, let our crew assist you with your toilet installation project, by guiding you through encountering the ideal toilet for your bathrooms. Next, we will provide toilet installation with skill and quality our professionals possess. All of our work is done punctually and backed by guarantees.

Toilet replacement

If you have a leaky toilet or your toilets are a bit older, replacing them with models that are more efficient may be advantageous. Modern toilets often utilize less water which may help you to save money. Our plumbers provide toilet replacement services that deliver new installed toilets to you.